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UXD Inline Inspection Tools

Learn about the next generation UPP Pipeline Inspection tools and their features.

  • Conventional

    Our fleet of UXD MFL Caliper tools is designed to be operated conventionally in pipelines with no production interruption. This is achieved using a highly collapsible design, allowing navigation through obstructions and tight ID restrictions that other tools have troubles with. Additionally, our design produces very low drag and allows a large range of pressures and flows to be used. The reduced length means our tool can be used in the majority of pig launching and receiving barrels saving time and money on costly modifications.

  • Bidirectional

    If faced with the need of inspecting an "un-piggable" pipeline or select High Consequence areas such as a river or road crossing, United Pacific bidirectional inspection service is the answer. We utilize the same proven UXD MFL/IMU technology used in our conventional inline inspections to provide fast, reliable, cost-effective data. Additionally, with access to 4 wire-line units, we are available when you are!

  • Modular

    United Pacific understands that not every pipeline can be inspected the same way. That is why we have designed all of our tools to be modular. This allows our tools to be run independently of each other and in multiple configurations. Stand-alone Caliper, IMU, MFL, and UPSCAN are all possible with the UXD system.

  • Triaxial Sensors

    Our three-axis MFL sensor technology uses axial, radial, and circumferential data. This enhancement, combined with our proprietary OMNI Software Solutions, provides our data analysis with the tools for superior sizing estimation regarding both internal and external corrosion detection.

  • Pipeline Mapping

    Using our integrated UXD IMU, our technology “maps” the entire pipeline and provides pinpoint defect location accuracy (sub-meter accuracy when supplied with GPS control points). Exact pipeline anomaly locations provide immediate cost savings by eliminating unnecessary excavations due to misinterpreted dig sheets. High strain areas, geotechnical hazards, and pipeline movement can all be identified using the UXD IMU.


Software Solutions and Services

Data Comparison

Our OMNI software is capable of a complete run to run comparisons of MFL, IMU, and Caliper Data. This service can be performed in both signal and box matching comparisons and is available in any custom report layout

Strain Calculation

Full strain calculation is available using our OMNI software and a combination of our UXD IMU and Caliper technologies. We can provide a custom report detailing dent strain values in accordance with ASME, CSA and API regulation as well, full bending strain analysis which provides pipeline movement, bend detection, and size

A.I. Machine Learning

Fully integrated machine learning Software allows continuous learning from each set of direct measurement digs, scans, and pull tests. This advantage allows us to reduce human error and advance the repeatability of our signal interpretation.

Meet United Pacific Inspections

"We want to create products that push the envelope of data quality, accuracy and ease of deployment currently offered to the Inline Inspection Industry, while providing superior customer service and customized solutions"

Chris Maier

President and CEO

Chris is a 20 year veteran of the Inline Inspection Industry, where he has managed over one thousand inspections on Pipelines throughout North America. He was a founding member of Onstream Pipeline Inspection from 2006 until 2014, and now is the co-founder and President of United Pacific. Chris holds a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Cameron Tolley

Executive Director Sales & Operations

Cameron is a 9 year representative of the Inline Inspection Industry, where he started as a field technical in 2013 with Onstream Pipeline Inspection and left in 2020 as their Canadian Sales Manager. He has worked extensively throughout the Pipeline Inspection Industry and holds a degree in Law and Society from the University of Calgary

Ron Ostafichuk

Executive Director Software & Applications

Ron is a leading Developer with over 23 years of experience in software design for the Inline Inspection Industry. Specializing in high performance data visualization, mathematical algorithms, compression, and identification of features within Ultrasonic and Magnetic data sets. Ron is excited to bring his enthusiasm and knowledge to United Pacific and build the next Industry leading Software Solution. Ron holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.

Grant Coleman

Executive Director of Technology

Grant has 25 years experience bringing new ILI solutions to market and continuous improvement of existing technologies through various R&D and management roles. He has presented papers at IPC, PPIM, and NACE conferences and contributed to courses offered through SGA and others. He is a member of NACE and ASME. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from the university of British Columbia and is a registered professional Engineer in the province of Alberta.

James Thompson

Data Analysis

James Thompson is a 15 Year expert in the interpretation of MFL, Caliper and IMU inertial data. He brings that experience and professional pride to every project he works on and is always willing to go the extra mile for our customers


ILI Field Technician

Headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada; United Pacific is an Inline inspection company catering to the owners of Oil and Gas pipelines around the world. The In‐Line Inspection (ILI) Field Technician…

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